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Pay per click is a campaign to buy visits to your website. Now, you might think how to buy visit to your website? What does this actually mean? What is the true meaning of PPC? It’s a part of marketing for your website! If you are advertising your website, you need to pay each time your advertisement is clicked. If there is something that your business offers then you need to find a keyword on which you would bid. Simply, the ad will be shown in the top place on results of Google place. Your ad will be at top place and it’s obvious that people will click it. Every time your ad is clicked you have to pay for that click to the search engine. It’s but obvious that you are paying for your sales and nothing is more important than your business!

Trick to pay less?

Yes, of course, because Google is one of the most popular search engines and has a massive amount of traffic! Due to loads of traffic on Google, the probability of clicks to your ad increases.

What things your ad should focus on?

  • The keywords you select should be relevant.
  • The content should also be relevant because the quality of landing page really matters a lot.
  • Google rates your ad’s landing page on the quality of content. If your score is good you need to pay less.

What should PPC keywords contain?

  • Well, you know what products you have and the kind of services you offer! You need to select the keywords that closely relate to your business and your business provides solution for the same.
  • The trick can also be to go for long tail keywords. The thing is that they are more specific to the topic. If you bid for something which is not so common but has greater search driven probability then you are in the right track.
  • Let your keywords constantly grow!

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How will Bluechip help you?

Bluechip is a well-organized IT annual maintenance company that offers you every solution! We have the best team of professionals who work as per the analysis of your business.

  • Our marketing team would understand the key services you offer to your clients.
  • On the basis of research work, our team of professionals will prepare the keyword list which closely relates to your business.
  • We would give you the keyword list and on that basis, the landing page will be prepared.
  • We will ensure that your ad tops the search engine ranking so that you get good visitors to your website.
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