OpenCart Website Design & Development

OpenCart is one of the e-commerce solution that gives an open source platform to develop an e-store. Bluechip offers you a full fledged e-commerce solution for small as well as large business model. Before we help you in developing an e-store on OpenCart, it’s important for you to note how OpenCart has gained its fame as an e-commerce platform and why should you opt for it?

Beautiful Reasons to choose OpenCart as an e-commerce Solution:

  • Simplicity is what that matters:

In technical terms it follows MVC pattern which means Model View Controller pattern. Why it’s so simple to develop an e-commerce store on OpenCart is because all you need to know is PHP and MySQL. Everything is distinguished in Model, View and Controller folder which makes it easy to develop extensions.

  • What you want is already there:

The best thing about it is that it has various modules. As, extensions can be easily made on OpenCart you will easily find what you need in your e-store whether it’s a marketing tool or parsers. Officially, OpenCart sells approximate 1,2435 templates, modules as well as extensions.

  • Allows you to edit files in core of CMS:

The best thing about OpenCart is that you can edit files in the core of CMS without any extra changes with the help of vQmod. In other platforms it seems impossible to edit the core as it then becomes tricky to update. We cannot resist updation because the bugs need to be fixed! What does OpenCart do then? It allows you to create a virtual copy of original files and helps to edit the core file.

  • Awesome management of different stores:

Even if your online stores are very different, OpenCart helps you to manage all your stores in one go with Multi-store mode just from one admin panel!

How Bluechip would help you develop and design an OpenCart store?

  • Our team would study your business requirements precisely and would design the store according to your needs as well as guidelines.
  • We would implement custom APIs and modules to enable third party functionalities in your OpenCart e-store.
  • Payment gateway is very important when it comes to develop an e-store. We would ask your recommendations on different payment options and would integrate payment gateways accordingly.
  • We would guarantee you a bug free e-store.
  • Our team would constantly monitor your store for any kind of lapses to offer you best maintenance support and services.