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Many times we get stuck on certain things and want to know what they actually mean! What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, you are going the right way. The first thing you might do is open your web browser and search for the meaning of that particular word. It’s very clear that we only look first 2 or 3 pages for that particular word. Here is now the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role. Let’s understand what SEO actually means?

SEO is centralized to bring visibility to your website. It’s one of the well-known marketing strategies that help you to drive traffic to your site by improving search engine ranking. Search engines specifically capture the words from the websites which are also known as keywords and place them in a unique form. Thus, your website needs SEO-rich keywords so that your website out powers others. SEO doesn’t mean a cluster of keywords with nuisance but it actually means that your site helps people to understand what they are looking for.

No doubt the motive is to bring traffic to the site and convert the visitors to customers but Bluechip ensures that this process is done in a very neat manner. We are here to make your site SEO-friendly and give value to your site.

Why SEO is essential for your website?

What you offer is not known to people and SEO is the best way to tell people that your services offer products that they are looking for. In short, it brings targeted traffic to your website. SEO automatically contributes to your profit by providing limelight, acquirement, and exposure to your website that eventually increases sales. If you won’t take the advantage then many people are in a queue to do so and their website rankings can affect your business greatly. Thus, SEO is a smart choice for you.

How do Search engines actually work?

To be very clear they are not the same as us! They don’t work according to us but yes they work in a certain process. Let’s see what their actual process is?

  • Search engines first crawl the web to see what the person is looking for. As soon as you type a certain word on your search engine, the crawler would crawl through the web.
  • Now, the crawler links the pages one by one and indexes whatever is placed in their way. These indexed pages are saved in a large database so that they can be retrieved later. It saves the best pages for certain keywords.
  • Whenever a search is made in the search engine, it compares that string with the pages present in the database. As there are numerous pages that contain the search string, the search engine looks for the relevancy of the string with those pages.
  • Search engines have different algorithms to calculate the relevancy of the string with pages present in the database.
  • Lastly, it retrieves the result according to the relevance!

Now, you might have understood the process that involves searching certain things on search engines. Don’t you think that your website needs something that answers the best when anyone types something related to your business on search engines?

Bluechip is the best  IT solutions company in Dubai helps your website excel by letting making it search engine optimized. We find keywords for your site and place them in a way that the search engine understands. Let us know how you want your site to respond in a pool of websites and we will work exactly the way you want.

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