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Next Generation UTM Firewall Manufacturer and Cyber Security Services Provider in Dubai, UAE



Contracted CISO

Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) are becoming highly sought after, and with that demand comes increasing cost, often unattainable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Managed Security Service Provision (MSSP)

Managed Security Service Provision (MSSP) is an umbrella term that encompasses a number of our protection services and technologies. It offers 24/7/365 security operations center support.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing

Every day hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals are attacked by both automated and manual systems looking to exploit vulnerabilities in their security systems. The sheer volume of attacks coupled with ever-changing methods, new vulnerabilities and the pervasive will of the cyber-criminals intent on breaching your organization is enough to give even the most experienced IPSec a moment of pause.

Corporate and Staff Training

Is your staff up-to-speed on all security standards and compliance regulatory requirements? Are they prepared to respond to a crisis situation involving security? How would they handle a major breach? They can be as low as 1x for bonus https://kellyrobbins.net/where-is-grand-casino-mille-lacs/ dollars and 20x for matching deposits. Would they make the right moves to cover the needs of compliance? If you’re in the public spotlight for a breach, will you have done all the right moves that anyone could expect you to make? Now you can set free from your desktops and start playing https://tpashop.com/high-roller-casino-las-vegas-500-chip/ from mobile devices. Your staff’s proper handling of incidents will be vital to your enterprises future. Are they fully trained?

Business Continuity Management Program

What are the threats to your businesses survival? If your business requires access to data and critical internal systems to continue to operate, then you have to protect this so if disaster strikes, you can be back in operation as quickly as possible. You can deposit using credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, wire transfers, checks, and even bitcoin. https://tpashop.com/my-pala-account-at-pala-casino-com/

Digital Forensic Services

As specialists in Digital Forensics, Red Piranha will perform analysis and examinations for forces, solicitors and commercial organizations in the event of a crime or unauthorized access to information systems.

Cybersecurity Incident Response Plan

All companies are vulnerable to a security breach – and it happens to even the most sophisticated security systems. How a company responds to the breach is the critical factor. The steps it takes AFTER the breach can have far-reaching financial and legal implications for the company and its directors/shareholders. However, you http://vozhispananews.com/como-trabajar-en-los-casinos-de-las-vegas/ are under no obligation to deposit any money or play more.

Vulnerability Edge Scan

Security compliance laws just got a whole lot harder and now include severe penalties if you are breached and have neglected your security duties. Red Piranha’s Vulnerability Edge Scan is built to help Australian enterprises meet compliance requirements. We hunt down and find vulnerable systems in your infrastructure and report the problems to you before cyber-criminals find them.

Threat Intelligence and Analysis

We live in a world of constant danger, a world full of those who want to steal, extort and harm others for gain or just sadistic pleasure. We live in a world where a kid with knowledge of an exploit and a laptop can affect a business ten thousand miles away who never even saw it coming. Select a preference: Free Spins Claim all the lates bonuses to http://vozhispananews.com/is-there-a-casino-in-waikiki-hawaii/ play the best slot games online Real Money Slots Check out all the deposit offers to get even better bonuses on slots. Our Crystal Eye UTM Platform is tied into the most sophisticated threat intelligence systems on the planet. We have partnered with OTX / OISF and other major security players to shield and protect our clients.