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Next Generation Technologies: Smart Advertising & Touch Glass

Next Generation Technologies: Smart Advertising & Touch Glass

Smart solutions:

Interactive Technology: Touch Tables, Interactive Walls, Interactive Floors, Touch Glass, Interactive Digital Signages, Interactive Showcases

Digital Glass: Display Glass

Digital Signage: Floor Standing Signage, Horizontal Book Reading Signage, Wall Mounted Displays, Pixel LED ( Pitch LED), Transparent LED

Video Walls: Video Walls, Interactive Video Walls, Transparent Video Walls

Switch Films: Switch Film, Embedded Film (Switch Glass)

Smart Advertising & Touch Glass

Smart Advertising & Touch Glass

Advertising Glass (AD Glass)

  • How about a solution where the showrooms can transform their own Glasses into a sales, marketing and advertisement medium as well as be transformed into touch enabled interactive solution, you can have your own retail store or showroom glass paines into an advertising medium or offices can have quick presentation or meeting on your own office cabin glass as well as conference rooms.
  • Price 1,600 AED (without projector)
  • 2,800 AED (with projector)
  • Size : 1 sqm (40 inches)

Touch Glass

Touch Glass

  • Why to move to a conference when you can have a quick presentation or meeting on your own office cabin glass, as well as no need to have an ugly whiteboard or projection screen in your conference or meeting rooms when use can use the glass walls in your conference rooms as an interactive projection/presentation screen.
  • Price :3,700 AED (with projector)
  • 2,500 AED (without projector)
  • Size : 40 inches

What is Touch Glass

Touch Glass, is a technology enabling a touch on any ordinary glass. These film include 3 key parts. 1st is the film sensor, 2nd the is electronics controller, which we also call as eBoard, & 3rd is driver. Film sensor is a green tech product, having high transparency, light and thin. the embedded nano wire grid is a sensor network, that can precisely position hand’s touch activity. The eBoards use SoC architecture, so the PCB is small and strong noise filtering algorithm, It can detect weak signal that caused by hands.

Driver support Windows XP/7/8/10, include 32 bit and 64 bit, Android 4.4 up version. These has two version, one is cling film version, It designed for interactive window and could be peeled off for reusing. Another is permanent version, once you peel off the cover layer and laminate onto the glass. the sensor will be permanently fixed.

Features :
Safe and robust
Antiscratch, laminated on the back of Glass
Waterproof, dustproof, bulletproof,
No bezel & mechanical components therefore long life
Industrial temperature range: -20 °C to +80°C
The maximum thickness of glass can reach upto 20mm

Touch Kits

Touch KitsThrough our touch kits we enable businesses and consumers transform their own LCD’s, laptops, ATM machines or any displays into an interactive touch screen, thereby transforming their old displays into an interactive medium.

We have Different touch kits each for specific displays:
-Capacitive Touch Kit
-Resistive Touch Kit
-InfraRed Touch Kit

Price : 790 AED size 32inches
1250 AED size 42inches
1890 AED size 55 inches
2690 AED size 65inches