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Managed IT Services Dubai

Executive Summary:

BLUECHIP has been providing cloud and managed services in UAE for almost 10 years now. We have global customers and we manage their Network, Servers and applications round the cloud (24x7x365). Our Engineers and support technicians are certified and have an average of minimum 5 years of IT experience.

As part of this proposal, the customer would like managed services and remote helpdesk to the existing infrastructure and Office 365.

Please find below the services included in this proposal:

    • 24 X 7 X 365 support.
    • Network, Servers and Application Monitoring.
    • Anti-virus for all servers and workstations.
    • Backup / Restore services.
    • Patch Management.
    • Day-to-day administration of Office 365 exchange.
    • Network Devices Management
    • Asset Management
    • Workstations Management
    • BLUECHIP will provide an automated platform and solution to provide proactive IT management service and ongoing support.
    • Reporting.
  1. Coverage
  2. 24 x 7 x 365 Remote Helpdesk & Vendor Management

BLUECHIP undertakes to provide, on a 24-hour per day, year-round basis, a Help-Desk Service in accordance with the following:

When the customer contacts BLUECHIP by telephone, web tool, or e-mail and informs about the Error and sends the Error report form, BLUECHIP shall take all reasonable efforts to provide the customer with a solution and recommendations so that the Error can be located and/or    remedied.

If separately agreed, BLUECHIP shall provide service and analysis of the situation by using remote access   facilities via remote connection to the Product, for which the customer shall provide access, if available, at that time. In such case BLUECHIP agrees to follow the security guidelines of the customer for such remote connections.

In addition to the above, BLUECHIP shall give to the employees of the customer technical support and assistance (e.g. for Information Request) in using the Product. BLUECHIP agrees to provide this usability support for the customer in the English language. BLUECHIP agrees to respond to the customer by giving suitable advice or with list of actions or problem solution within reasonable time. In case the customer suggests design, changes or enhancements Parties shall mutually agree how to proceed with the request.

  1. Ticketing System

Online (Web Based) ticketing system will be used to maintain all the support tickets.

  1. How to reach support

Help Desk Support can be contacted via the following methods:

  1. Dedicated phone number
  2. Email to Support:
  3. WhatsApp group with the technical staff:
  4. Create online ticket:


  1. Supported platform
Network Routers, firewall, switches
Hardware Physical Servers, Virtual Servers, Workstations, Tap drive, Power devices
Applications Office 365 Exchange, Windows, Antivirus (Symantec Endpoint Security)
Asset Management Plan Client’s infrastructure and all the assets


  1. Reporting

New Relic and SCOM will be used as reporting tools.

BLUECHIP account manager will share the weekly and monthly incident and tickets reports with the concerned person from Bluechip.

  1. Monitoring

The purpose of Pro-active Monitoring is to provide the processes and methodologies to the customer to create quantifiable improvement in the Business Service Efficiency and measure them continuously for effectiveness and improvement.

We provide simple tools and technologies to implement the organization’s policies and proactively monitor the mission critical infrastructure resources to achieve business service continuity.

Full visibility into how your host is performing, sorted by the host traits you care about. Infrastructure collects and displays health metrics such as CPU, Load, Memory, etc. at the host level, as well as individual Process, Network and Storage level. Additionally, apply filters based on tags, metadata and custom attributes that allow you to slice-and-dice into a subset of the infrastructure and view metrics for those.

Proactive monitoring provided by BLUECHIP will cover Monitor System Services, Performance and Processes using build-in Monitor Sets, Powerful Event   log and Text log file Monitoring. Get Alerts in Service desk, E-mail or solve using an Agent Procedure

  • Performance Counters and Thresholds
  • Processor Performance
  • Memory Performance
  • Disk Performance
  • Disk Utilization
  • Application monitoring

We’ll use following tools for Infrastructure and application monitoring.

  • NewRelic
  • SCOM
  • ZenOSS
Server Managed Services Provided Description Frequency
Server Uptime Monitoring Ongoing
Server Service Monitoring Ongoing
Server Performance Monitoring Ongoing
Server Automated Performance Maintenance Ongoing
Server Hard drive free space monitoring Ongoing
Firewalls Ongoing
Routers Ongoing
Switches Ongoing


  1. Security

BLUECHIP will ensure secure communication between all the Servers, Workstations and all the devices. All wireless data must be securely encrypted.

  • Antivirus

To ensure viruses protection for servers, Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus software will be installed on each server and be managed with the required policies. Antivirus definitions will be updated regularly and monitored for the health status and the threats.

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a security software suite that includes intrusion prevention, firewall, and anti-malware features. Endpoint Protection also has some features typical of data loss prevention software. It is typically installed on a server running Windows, Linux, or macOS.

  • Patch Management

Patch management is an area of systems management that involves acquiring, testing, and installing multiple patches (code changes) to an administered computer system. Patch management tasks include: maintaining current knowledge of available patches, deciding what      patches are appropriate for particular systems, ensuring that patches are installed properly, testing systems after installation, and documenting all associated procedures, such as specific configurations required.

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS), previously known as Software Update Services (SUS), is a computer program developed by Microsoft Corporation that enables administrators to manage the distribution of updates and hotfixes released for Microsoft products to computers in a corporate environment. WSUS downloads these updates from the Microsoft Update website and then distributes them to computers on a network.

WSUS feature will be enable on any of the server or a specific server (if required), workstations and that server will download all the updates from Microsoft directly and all the local area network connected servers will be updated by WSUS server locally.

Classification Server Patch Approval
Patch Installation Schedule Every Friday 9:00 PM
Security Update – Critical (High Priority) Approved
Security Update – Important (High Priority) Approved
Security Update – Moderate (High Priority) Approved
Security Update – Low (High Priority) Approved
Security Update – Non-rated (High Priority) Approved
Service Pack (Optional – Windows) Approved
Critical Update (High Priority) Approved
Update Rollup (High Priority) Denied
Service Pack (Optional – Software) Denied
Update (Optional – Software) Denied
Feature Pack (Optional – Software) Denied
Tool (Optional – Software) Denied


  1. Licenses

Following requirements must be met by BLUECHIP and notify client in case of any deficiencies in the existing environment within two (2) business days of discovering the deficiencies:

  • All server and desktop software must be genuine, licensed and vendor-supported.
  1. List of Hardware

BLUECHIP will provide the Management of following Infrastructure and applications:

  • All servers, desktops, and notebooks/laptops must always be accessible via a high-speed internet connection with sustainable upload and download speeds.
  • Client must have a public static IP address assigned to a network device, allowing remote access to Service Provider.
  1. Backup / Restore

BLUECHIP provides the monitoring of advanced backup solution for some of servers residing at the datacentre. Following are details.

BLUECHIP will provides advanced Tape backup solution to back up the servers residing at Bluechip datacentre. The different types of backups offered are volume Backup, Application Backup and file/folders backup. The type and the frequency of the backup will depend on many factors including the type of application, business criticality, storage and frequency of the backup as well as the technical feasibility to perform the backup.

BLUECHIP will suggest the industry standard encryption algorithms to secure your business data and the backup clients communicate to Bluechip tape drive using a TCP/IP based secure SSL connection.

Based on the SOW, the below backup/restore plan and features were put up together:

Remote Server Backups Daily
Offsite Server Backups Monthly
Data restore As Needed


  1. Excluded Services

Service rendered under this Agreement does not include:

  • Parts, equipment or software not covered by vendor/manufacturer warranty or support
  • The cost of any parts, equipment, or shipping charges of any kind
  • The cost of any Software, Licensing, or Software Renewal or Upgrade Fees of any kind.
  • The cost of any 3rd Party Vendor or Manufacturer Support or Incident Fees of any kind.
  • The cost to bring Client’s environment up to our minimum standards required for Services.
  • Failure due to acts of God; acts or omissions of Client; water damage; fires; strikes; insurrections; riots; embargoes; delays in transportation; acts of terrorism; acts of nature and animals; inability to obtain supplies; or requirements or regulations of the United States government or any other civil or military authority, infrastructure modifications, power failures, or other adverse environmental conditions.
  • Service and repair made necessary by the alteration or modification of hardware, software and/or systems other than that authorized by Service Provider, including alterations, software installations or modifications of equipment made by Client’s employees or anyone other than Service Provider.
  • Onsite support service is not included in this agreement. If necessitated by the Client, these charges will be mutually agreed upon depending on the criticality. Onsite support will be maintained by the Client’s personnel.
  • Onsite resources will be provided by end customer or Blue Chip.
  • Maintenance of Applications software packages, whether acquired from Service Provider or any other source unless as Specified in Appendix A.
  • Programming (modification of software code) and program (software) maintenance unless as specified in Appendix A

In case if certain case discussion will be required based on certain incident or ticket, that will also be provided.

Moreover, a monthly meeting will be conducted from BLUECHIP team to review previous months’ activities.

  1. Certifications

BLUECHIP possess the following certified team:

  • MCSE: Server 2012 Infra
  • MCSE: Messaging
  • MCSE: Communication
  • MCSE: SharePoint
  • MCSA: Office 365
  • Server Virtualization with Windows Server

Hyper-V and System Center

  • Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
  • Brocade Certified vRouter Engineer
  • VMware Certified Professional 6.0 Delta (Data Center Virtualization)
  • VMware Certified Professional 6.5 (Data Center Virtualization)
  • VMware Certified Professional Network Virtualization
  • AWS Solution Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Internet Expert ( CCIE)
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist – Service Provider (JNCIS)
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Specialist – Enterprise Routing & Switching (JNCIS)
  • Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate (JNCIA)

Single Point of Contact:

BLUECHIP will provide single point of contact which will be a help desk system and can be reached by 24/7 over phone and email, along with that BLUECHIP will provide a dedicated account manager.