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Lenovo Laptops, Ultrabooks, ThinkPad & Notebooks – Dubai UAE


SERIES Material No Material Description Unit Price AED Stocks
E470 20H1003PAD E470 i5-7200U/4/500/SH AR W10P64 2523.74 Available
E470 20H1003VAD E470 i5-7200U/8/1TB/2D 920M HD FPR W10P 2861.57 6 last
E470 20H1003XAD E470 i7-7500U/8/1TB/2D W10P 3219.26 Available
E570 20H50079AD E570 i5-7200U/4/500/SH AR W10P64 2563.49 Available
E570 20H5006DAD E570 i5-7200U/4/500/2D 940M AR W10P64 2742.34 Available
E570 20H5006CAD E570 i7-7500U/8/1TB/2D 950M AR W10P64 3278.88 Available
TP 13 20J1001MAD TP 13 i7-7500U/8/256SSD/SH FHD W10P 3954.53 Available
TP 13 20J1003TAD TP 13 i5-7200U/8/256SSD/SH FHD W10P 3437.86 Available
T460S 20F9001CAD T460S i7-6600U/8/256SSD/SH AR W10P64 5564.16 5 last
T470P 20J6000RAD T470p i5-7300HQ/4/500/SH AR W10P64 4133.38 Available
T470P 20J6000VAD T470p i5-7300HQ/8/1TB/2D 940M AR W10P64 4491.07 5 last
T470P 20J6000TAD T470p i7-7700HQ/8/1TB/2D AR W10P64 4968.00 Available
T470P 20J6000SAD T470p i5-7300HQ/4/500/2D 940M FHD W10P 4371.84 Available
T470P 20J6000QAD T470p i7-7700HQ/8/512SSD/2D AR W10P6 5663.52 Available
T470P 20HD005YAD T470 i7-7500U/8/1TB/SH HD W10P 4590.43 Available
T470S 20HF0044AD T470s i7-7600U/16/512SSD/SH FHD FPR W10P 6438.53 Available
T470S 20HF005YAD T470s i7-7500U/8/512SSD/SH FHD W10P 5623.78 Available
T570 20H90033AD T570 i5-7200U/4/500/SH AR W10P64 3954.53 Available
T570 20H9004LAD T570 i7-7500U/8/256SSD/2D 940M FHD W10P 5067.36 Available
T570 20H90011AD T570 i7-7500U/8/1TB/SH AR W10P64 4650.05 Available
P50S 20FL0005AD LEN P50s i7-6500U/8/1TB/2D W10P64 5266.08 1 last
X1 Carbon 20FB0010AD X1 CAR i7-6600U/16/512SSD/SH W10P64 7750.08 Available
X 1 YOGA 20JD000BAD X1 Yoga i7-7600U/16/512SSD/SH AR W10P64 8783.42 Available
X260 20F6001VAD X260 i7-6600U/8/1TB/SH AR W10P64 5126.98 Available
X 270 20HN002DAD X270 i7-7500U/8/1TB/SH HD FPR W10P 4570.56 Available
X 270 20HN0043AD X270 i7-7500U/8/512SSD/SH AR W10P64 5186.59 Available
YOGA 460 20EM000VAD YOGA 460 i7-6500U/8/256SSD/SH W10P64 4570.56 Available
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