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Lenovo Accessories Current Stock List For This Month

4X10H04513  ThinkPad Tablet Dock (AC Adapters below) 647.68
0A65621 ThinkPad USB 3.0 Portable Secure 1 TB Hard Drive 951.28
4XF0E51408 Thinkcentre Tiny L-Bracket Mounting Kit – (Universal Belt) 161.92
4X40K41705 ThinkPad X1 Ultra Sleeve 238.832
888015205 Lenovo Simple Topload Case 15.6’’ 76.912
4X40E77328 Lenovo Essential TopLoad Case 109.296
4X40K02944 Lenovo Samsonite Topload Case 117.392
4X40E77329 Essential Backpack 157.872
4X40E77324 ThinkPad Professional Backpack 279.312
4X40E77325 Professional Slim Top load 190.256
4X40E77323 Professional Top load Case 263.12
4X40E77322 Executive Topload Case 400.752
4X40E77327 ThinkPad Professional Roller Case 546.48
40A70045UK ThinkPad  USB 3.0 Pro Dock  (UK AC Power Adapter) 765.072
40A80045UK ThinkPad  USB 3.0 Ultra Dock  (UK AC Power Adapter) 829.84
40A90090UK ThinkPad USB-C  Dock(UK AC power adapters) 805.552
40AC0135UK ThinkPad Thunderbolt  3 Dock – UK 931.04
40A00065UK ThinkPad Basic Dock – 65W (UK AC Power Adapter) 562.672
40A10090UK ThinkPad Pro Dock – 90 W (UK AC Power Adapter) 708.4
40A20090UK ThinkPad Ultra Dock – 90W  (UK AC Power Adapter).. 748.88
40A20135UK ThinkPad Ultra Dock – 135 W (UK AC Power Adapter) 967.472
40A50230UK ThinkPad Workstation Dock(UK Power adaptor) 1210.352
40AG0090UK ThinkPad Basic Dock CS18 – 90W 769.12
40AH0135UK ThinkPad Pro Dock  CS18 – 135W 931.04
40AJ0135UK ThinkPad Ultra Dock  CS18 – 135W 1133.44
888015471 Lenovo Slim DVD Rambo DB65 198.352
4XA0E97775 Lenovo UltraSlim USB DVD Burner 263.12
06P4069 USB Optical Wheel Mouse 60.72
31P7410 Optical 3-Button Travel Wheel Mouse (800dpi) PS/2 & USB 76.912
0B47168 MOUSE Wireless Mouse Graphite Black BB 93.104
0B47167 ThinkPad Precision Wireless Mouse – Frost Silver 93.104
4X30H56886 Lenovo Professional Wireless Laser Mouse 105.248
4X30M86880 Lenovo Preferred Pro II USB Keyboard – Black color (English/Arabic 253) 121.44
4X30H56797 Lenovo Professional Plus Wireless  Keyboard & Mouse (English/Arabic) 242.88
0A36266 ThinkPad 65W AC Adapter (Slim Tip) (UK, Saudi Arabia) 157.872
0B47002 ThinkPad 90W AC Adapter (slim tip) 182.16
4X20M26276 Lenovo 65W Standard AC Adapter (USB Type-C)- UK 157.872
5WS0F82925 WUP to 3YR CCI from 1YR CCI – E40 Series 182.16
5WS0E97208 Warranty upgrade to 3YR CCI + Sealed Battery Replacement  for TP Yoga 643.632
5WS0A23778 Warranty upgrade from 1YR CCI to 3YRS CCI for Thinkpad Edge 445.28
5WS0D81084 Thinkcentre Warranty upgrade from 1YR CCI to 3YRS CCI 182.16
57Y4303 Lenovo Security Cable Lock 101.2
4X90E51405 ThinkPad USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter 93.104
0A36536 Mini-DisplayPort to VGA Cable 149.776
4X90G85927 ThinkPad OneLink Adapter 263.12
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