Joomla Website Design & Development

What is Joomla? How can it be used to design your website? Why to go for it? Many people come across these questions when they hear about Joomla. In simple language, if you want to publish your web content then you can use Joomla. It is free well known open source Content management system that helps you to publish the web content in an easy manner. Not only this, it also helps you to build online applications with a simplified model-view-controller (MVC) pattern.

Since several years Joomla has become the most powerful website software because of its various advantages. So let’s know how you can use it for creating a website and how will Bluechip help you to build a Joomla Website?

Why Joomla?

You need not confuse Joomla with other websites. It’s a basic CMS that allows you to manage the data of the website the way you want. Multiple users have different permission levels that allows them to edit or create data. The best thing about it is that its user friendly. Moreover, it’s responsive, easily accessible, and multilingual.

With Joomla you can do everything with the data from creating and publishing it to distributing as well as archiving it.

How Joomla can be your cup of tea?

  • You need to just copy paste the content and publish it to upload the blog. You don’t need extensive technical knowledge to manage the content.
  • Your website would interact the way you want. There are approximately 8000 extensions specially designed to make different websites flexible!
  • You can use Joomla to manage your CMS content too. It is

E-commerce friendly in which you can manage your products and their contents without hassling through different tabs.

  • You will never get stuck in midway! Joomla has about 200,000 strong user community and their will always be someone to help you out with a better solution.
  • Your SEO friendly URL is already built in there. You can choose meta keywords and meta description for your webpages!

Why to choose Bluechip for Joomla website development?

  • Bluechip offers you cost effective Joomla website development solution.
  • We guarantee you on time delivery of your project.
  • Quality assurance is what we aim for and believe to give you.
  • We have well managed and qualified Joomla developers to understand as well as work on your requirement.
  • We offer you after-sales maintenance support for your website.