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IT Security Provider in Dubai, UAE

We are an IT Security provider with 100% channel model and we work with IT Solution providers like you. We distribute products that offers Saas model which are ideal for your customers with AMC contracts. Our products are specially targeted at small & medium customers and offer great value for money. Our products can help you manage your customers in a cost-effective way as it helps you solve the daily challenges faced by small & medium customers. Our products provide Ransomware protection, employee monitoring, data leakage prevention, 2 Factor Authentication & endpoint backup for O365 users.



Please find attached the list of IT Security products & services that we distribute. We can arrange for demo versions of the products that you would like to test.


Sl No Vendor Solution Main Features


Server Monitoring


User Activity Monitoring

Affordable User Activity Monitoring for Servers & workstations, Useful for any organization that wants to monitor their Server/Applications or monitor employee computer activity. Sessions (video) Recording solution. Can also be used for Privileged User Monitoring.



Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)


User Behavior Minoring


Employee Productivity Monitoring

Acts as a gatekeeper and monitor every instance & traffic going out from end-point accessing channels: FTP, Web, Proxies, External Devices, Remote access sessions, Print, Clipboard, Emails, Mobile Devices.

Helps organization to profile employee based on what he access, search, time spend on apps & productivity.

Helps organizations protect sensitive files so that nobody can take it out of company without permission.

3 miniOrange 2 Factor Authentication


Single Sign On

Comes with 15+ different 2 Factor Authentication methods and also have SSO integration for more than 4500+ application. Comes with good support and very competitive pricing.


Heimdal Security Next-Gen Antivirus


Ransomware protection

Developed by the team that came first in DEFCON World Hacking competition for 2 consecutive years. Heimdal Thor Foresight – Most effective and affordable ransomware protection solution available. Heimdal Thor Vigilance – Antivirus with Signature, Code and Behavior scanning.
Patch management


Software Asset Management

Automated patch management and software asset management that helps you manage assets and mitigate vulnerabilities, by the click of a button. It helps you with Automatic deployment/re-deployment of Windows & 3rd party patches, see ANY software assets in inventory and their version and installed volume & create inventory reports for reporting or compliance purposes.
5 ParaBlu Secure endpoint Backup


100% Protection against Ransomware

Parablu offers secure endpoint data management solutions with a difference with solutions for secure endpoint backup, secure file sync/collaboration as well as secure file sharing.  While the solutions work with several cloud storage targets, it could be particularly appealing to an MS Office 365 customer with OneDrive for Business.  Our special integration with O365 helps your utilize OneDrive for Business storage as a backup target for your endpoints without requiring you to spend for additional disk on the cloud or on-premise.  This can translate into almost a 70% cost advantage over other endpoint backup solutions. Never be held hostage by a ransomware attacker. Stay secure and know that your data is always safe and retrievable.
Secure Enterprise File Sharing and Collaboration BluSync is a secure Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solution for teams to access, edit and share files in a fast and efficient way. With BluSync, team members can connect to content in the enterprise cloud, or mini-clouds, and access the information therein securely. It maintains an auditable trail of activities that takes place in the cloud environment, helping organizations retain full and complete control and visibility into the way content collaboration and file sharing happens.
Secure & Fast Large File Transfer Large File Transfer made easy, fast and secure . File versions & flexible retention polices with deduplication & compression. Built-in redundancy with password protection & auto self-destruct feature






Security Awareness Platform

1) Evaluate :- Gain visibility of the current vulnerabilities in your userbase – with your sophisticated employee gap analysis questionnaire and email breach detection service.

2) Educate :- Close the knowledge gaps with fully automated and individually-tailored uLearn training courses – delivered in bite-sized modules that address individual weakest areas first.

3) Simulate :- Test the effectiveness of your automated programme and raise awareness around social engineering – all with your uPhish simulated phishing tool.

4) Report :- Make informed decisions about your security awareness progress with your custom data-driven reports and dashboard – all with one easy-to-use interface.

7 Spamina  

Email Security Solution

Cloud Email Firewall with APT – Antispam, Protection against phishing, malware and viruses. Strict validation of mail senders to prevent impersonation attacks. APT/Sandboxing module helps execute all links and attachment before it reaches employees. (Gartner rated vendor). A must for any organization as 90% malware today comes thru emails and normal Antivirus solution can only scan attachments whereas Spamina executes the links(URLs) & attachments before it comes into your network.
Cloud Email Archiving – Email Archiving on the cloud (unlimited space for up to 10 years)
Cloud Email Encryption & DLP – Easy to use email encryption to prevent any third party intercepting your email communications.
8 FileAudit Monitor Shared Folders/Files Proactively track, audit, report and alert on all access to files and folders on Windows servers. A must for every organization.









SoC as a Service

Watchtower365 brings together Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Security Monitoring, Endpoint Monitoring, Audit Assistance and Business Intelligence, making them operate as a single system.  Further, in a time when threat landscape evolves and become sophisticated, it is not enough for your Cybersecurity to be “just functional,” it needs to be constantly aware and intelligent. In other words, it needs to be SMART and Watchtower365 aims to offer SMART365 services.

SIEM –  The SIEM platform provides real-time correlation of events generated from network security controls. Our security gurus will explain what SIEM is (and isn’t) and how to get up and running with it quickly and painlessly.

INCIDENT RESPONSE – This process is a business process that enables you to remain in business. Specifically is a collection of procedures aimed at identifying, investigating and responding to potential security incidents in a way that minimizes impact and supports rapid recovery.

FORENSICS – A complete and comprehensive approach to forensics is essential to any investigation. Using the most advanced cloning techniques to recover all forms of digital evidence, we accurately recreate past events so that you can take the appropriate action.

 10 Services  


IT Security Services

·       VA/PT (Penetration Testing)

·       Digital Forensics (Incident Response)

·       Certification assistance – ISO 2700X, NESA, ADSIC, PCI DSS

·       Security Awareness Training

·       Cyber Threat Hunting