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IP PBX – The Excellent Reassuring Telecommunication Systems

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It has been over a decade that we have seen IP PBX evolving rapidly. From just being a telecom line, it has now grown to produce more and more virtual, cloud, and internet-based solutions to the users. IP PBX support has become progressively more reliable, and the hosted options today are being considered by more and more organizations to foster their communication needs. Today, with the enlightened evolution in PBX system installation in Abu Dhabi, the users get the liability to select the particular services and features that they want for their organization at an affordable price.

The IP PBX systems for organizations in Dubai let the users manage their business communications from almost anywhere explicitly. The calls will be forwarded to the selected numbers if the official extensions are not presented to the callers. In addition, the IP PBX phone system possesses a number of call management features like fax, email, voice mail, personal voice mailbox, caller id, call forwarding, call waiting, and call conferencing.

Earlier, the hosted solutions were archetypally restricted to Centrex, but today the remote branch offices or extension lines need to be connected to the primary system by the telecom service provider for effective communication via their copper lines. On the other hand, IPPBX systems are based on voice over internet protocol that uses using the Internet as the medium to communicate, which has triggered an archetype shift in the communications industry for both hosted and on-site.

While hosted systems are an innovative and exhilarating alternative with numerous advantages, there remains a momentous necessity for onsite telecommunication systems. Given the progressively more diverse end-user setups, configurations, requirements, as well as a lot of distinctive elements, the IT service provider needs to deliver all prospects to stay ahead in the market, for this all you need to know what is going around and what will be the next demand of the consumers in order to foster their communication needs.

On-site IP PBX

On-site systems include an advanced forthright cost and additional maintenance as compared to the hosted systems, but then again, they proffer definite benefits that attract the end-users. On-site IP PBX installation in Abu Dhabi gives the possessor full control of the device, permitting them to adept more customization and upgrades. They are also integral via the application program interface, which is why several organizations are still reliant on this technology. The users with several extensions undoubtedly have enhanced access to proficient interior resources, which they can find on the IP PBX solutions. Some of the considerable advantages of using on-site IP PBX:

  • Additional control
  • Customizable
  • Uninterrupted access
  • Compatible with PSTN
  • Self-maintenance


Hosted IP PBX

Hosted IP PBX systems are an idyllic choice for end-users that are looking for reliable services with affordable costs and do not want to be in charge of the maintenance as well as updates of the on-site system. These systems do not entail any additional hardware purchase or need of installation, producing a cost-effective and more rationalized solution for consumers. When you select hosted services for communication, the service provider will be accountable for maintenance, updates, backups, upgrades, etc., which eventually takes you away from the burden of sitting and working to improve your communication infrastructure. Significant benefits of using hosted IP PBX:

  • Cost-effective setup
  • Maintenance by host
  • Support from the service provider
  • Additional features available
  • Flexible costs


However, the o-site and hosted systems do not have much difference, you cannot bet on which IP PBX system is better, it actually depends on the needs of an organization that which system expedites their communication needs.

Today, end users can choose from any of the PBX solutions, say it on-site or hosted. Though, it is crucial for the organizations to recognize the benefits and drawbacks they provide as well as how they simplify the needs of the end-user. The decisive goal is to produce a solution for the customers that is suitable for their business preferences and requirements.

One of the most critical concerns of any user is the performance of the IP PBX system. Therefore, the service provider has to prove the potential customers about the remarkable speed, consistency, and scalability of IP PBX systems.

Another point in determining the use of IP PBX is increased scalability. If the organizations are preparing to nurture or expecting any modification in the future, then using hosted IP PBX will ease in those changes. However, using the on-site IP PBX solution offers extra suppleness and mechanism that interests the organizations as well as will persuade them of the preeminence of an onsite solution.

In addition to this, when it comes to the hosted IP PBX solutions, the prevailing concern among consumers is about its security. The notion of having a dedicated on-site IP PBX system seems more safe and secure, as the order is solely handled by the in-house team, leading in the confidentiality of the information, as compared to using a remote or virtual IP PBX system. The telecom providers need to describe the enriched security possibilities that these systems offer.

IP PBX systems, by using the VoIP technology has revolutionized the office telephones, instead of playing with wires, the wireless generation is making it easy for the organizations to communicate efficiently. In addition to this, the voice transmission is in for of data packets, which entails the security of your data. The PBX installation in Abu Dhabi has been making the use of cloud-based services as well as desktop applications, which has made a digital telephone service is an active form of communication within the enterprises. It is useful to abridge the expenses and keep everything in sync.

Overall, the preceding decade has transformed the telecommunication within the organizations, as with the avant-garde techniques featured in the IP PBX systems, new doors have been opened for the consumers. Despite the fact that on-site solutions linger a considerable fragment of the market, the telecom service providers now have the alternatives, opportunities, and responsibility to offer the clientele with the hosted solutions as well.