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Intelligent Interactive All In One LCD Whiteboard

Intelligent Interactive Conference Education All-in-one Whiteboard

Intelligent Interactive Conference



Whiteboard Software

Projection Screen

Dual System

Video Conference




Artificial Design Metallic Appearance Free adjustable holder Moveable pulley

Aluminum Alloy

Dark grey color Aluminum Alloy

frame combining with slim body,

enhancing the metal texture.




Strong 4mm thickness

Strong 4mm thickness
tempered glass, Mohs’
7th grade hardness
with complete antiscratched




Use high-definition In-PlaneHD IPS LCD Screen
Switching LCD screen, pictures
& videos display clearly and
smoothly with high resolution.



Various size options, suitable for different locations

Various size options

Please contact our salesperson for more information about the actual measurements.

Multi Touch, Touch More Accurately

Multi TouchInfrared touch provides comfortable touchscreen experience, supports 10
point touch. Pens and fingers can touch on the LCD display screen freely.


responsive speed


The sensitive and responsive speed of the touch screen is pretty high. People can operate on the touch screen at the same time together.







Extending wireless network

Extending wireless network

Multiple ports: VGA, USB, LAN, HDMI, AUDIO, MIC, WIFI etc…






Intelligence Choice For Conference/Lecture

For Conference-Lecture

Smooth touching writing ,tagging, wiping… Support pictures,videos PPT, Word, PDF etc content. Wireless projection, interactive screen communication, making conference simpler.




Various Applications

Various Applications

Application for Business Conference

Application for Business Conference

Multiple Mounting Modes

Multiple Mounting Modes

Install on
Moving Frame

Wall Mounted

Mounted on

Embedded into



Product Show

Product Show

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