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IBM Cloud for SAP Applications

Help reduce complexity and become more agile with managed SAP services.

Whether you are a new or a long-term user of SAP applications, you have turned to this function-rich software as a means to innovate. But in a traditional IT environment, you may face a variety of challenges: high total cost of ownership (TCO), complex environments that can’t scale quickly, long lead times for getting new SAP applications up and running and a shortage of specialized skills. Moving your SAP applications to a managed cloud infrastructure helps you respond to these challenges.

IBM Cloud for SAP Applications is designed to deliver SAP environments on a security-rich, cost-effective and flexible managed cloud infrastructure, helping you avoid hardware costs and gain the flexibility and scalability of cloud. Our modular approach allows you to choose between three different levels of managed service according to your specific need so you can focus on innovation and transformation while we manage your operating system (OS), databases and SAP applications to facilitate faster time value.

Helping to reduce infrastructure costs and the complexity of SAP software

IBM helps you set up and run scalable SAP software landscapes on the cloud, potentially delivering cost savings of 20 to 25 percent over five years versus traditional self-management and operation of SAP software.1 Our cloud infrastructure helps you reduce the complexity associated with SAP software proliferation and avoid high up-front capital expenses. Our flexible pricing options help consolidate virtually all operating system and system management licenses and services into a single monthly billing charge.

Facilitating a faster delivery of SAP applications

IBM helps you reduce delivery times of complex SAP software environments from weeks to days using on-demand provisioning of virtual instances of SAP software—with support for production and nonproduction SAP applications, high-performance analytical appliance (HANA) and non-HANA applications as well as for non-SAP applications. You can run your current or future SAP workloads and benefit from various managed cloud capabilities such as speed, business agility, cost reduction and simplification.

IBM provides a quick and easy way to run proof of concepts (POCs) by offering IBM Cloud for SAP Application Start-up Bundles. These are pre-configured SAP products for quick start-ups and includes:

  • S4-HANA-Simple Finance
  • Business Warehouse on HANA
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) On HANA

Helping deliver business value with cutting edge technology and services

IBM helps manage and monitor your operating systems, databases and SAP applications on both physical and virtual servers using cutting-edge cloud infrastructure technology from SoftLayer® and a worldwide team of experienced professionals. IBM Cloud for SAP Applications runs on data centers located around the world with high-speed networks, and data traffic is not metered and charged between the SoftLayer data centers. We offer service level agreements to facilitate the specified resiliency and service delivery levels that you require for core business applications like SAP.

Why IBM?

With over a decade of experience managing SAP applications on shared virtualized infrastructure, IBM is an SAP global partner and SAP-certified provider of cloud services, hosting and HANA operations. In addition to our long-term strategic alliance with SAP, we have also received 31 SAP Pinnacle Awards—including SAP HANA Adoption Partner of the Year for 2015.

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