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Huawei Networking Products Updated Price Till Date Dubai

Huawei S1700 Enterprise Switches/2700 Fast Ethernet Enterprise Switches with PoE+/S5700 – LI Series Next-generation Standard Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Next-generation, Energy-saving intelligent PoE+ 100 Mbit/s Ethernet switches for Resilient performance and Carrier-grade Reliability. Built-in Huawei patented 7 kV surge protection, scalable with Intelligent Stack virtualization, built-in security features and Easy Operation Toolkit for simple installation, configuration, and management. High-performance hardware, Versatile, energy-efficient Gbit/s access or aggregation switch with 10 Gbit/s uplink ports; highly scalable with Intelligent Stack technology and flexible Ethernet networking options; Comprehensive security features defend against DoS and user-targeted cyberattacks; IPv6 support; and simple to operate and maintain. ( Choose Huawei Switches to provide Gbit/s access for wired and wireless devices throughout the enterprise network )




Model #

Product Description

Unit Price AED

S1700-8G-AC S1700-8G-AC(8 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports,AC110/220V,Europe Power Adapter) 77
S1700-28GFR-4P-AC S1700-28GFR-4P-AC(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports,4 Gig SFP,AC 110/220V) 660
S2700-52P-PWR-EI S2700-52P-PWR-EI Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100 PoE+ ports,4 Gig SFP,with 500W AC power supply) 2,420
S5700-28P-PWR-LI-AC S5700-28P-PWR-LI-AC Bundle(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports,4 Gig SFP,AC 110/220V) 1,705
S5700-52X-PWR-LI-AC S5700-52X-PWR-LI-AC Bundle(48 Ethernet 10/100/1000 PoE+ ports,4 10 Gig SFP+,with AC 110/220V) 3,520
S5700S-28P-LI-AC S5700S-28P-LI-AC Bundle(24 Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports,4 Gig SFP,with AC 110/220V) 935


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