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Drupal is one of the strongest CMS platform and is great for designing customised e-commerce websites. The question most of us have in our minds is that what the difference between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal websites. We hear a lot about these platforms and know that the above three give somehow the same result then which platform to go for and what to choose?

When it comes to small or we can just say the site for beginners then WordPress is the best choice. When you really know the technical terms of coding then Joomla can be your cup of tea. Drupal is somewhere different and is little harder in terms of coding but has the best CMS amongst all the other platforms. So, now it might be clear to you to go for a particular platform for your website!

Bluechip works for you in a systematic way and lets you know which platform to use based on your requirement. We also tell you the advantages of using a particular CMS platform so that it can be helpful for you in a long run.

Why to go with Drupal for your website?

  • We can call it an enterprise ready software:

The best thing about Drupal is that it’s easy for developers to integrate it with other applications like SAP. It has everything which is needed for an enterprise purpose. It is scalable, flexible, secure and easily manageable.

  • You can easily live up to Client’s expectations:

It has great features! You can easily change its layout and design. Thus, it becomes easy for developers to customize the website according to the requirement of the clients.

  • Custom modules can be well created:

Drupal gives a good API support. Thus, it becomes easy for developers to create custom modules by using API. Social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube etc. gives an extensive API support for Drupal.

  • SEO Friendly:

Drupal has a good feature to display the content the way Search engines want. Thus, it plays an important role in marketing the website.

  • Your web development cost is specifically reduced:

As, it is an open source software modules and themes are generally free. Thus, the web development cost automatically reduces.

Bluechip strategies to make you shine with your website:

  • Our team would study your requirements carefully.
  • With the help of different modules and themes, we would work upon your website according to your requirements.
  • Our development and designer team would customize the Drupal extensions according to your website demand.
  • We would expand your site with the help of API’s.
  • Our quality assurance team would assure the quality of website delivered to you.

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