25 April 2018
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User Lock – User Access Security for Active Directory users

UserLock secures access to Windows networks by restricting simultaneous sessions, by limiting user access to the network and by providing administrators with remote session control, alert options and advanced reporting for session analysis. Simultaneous session prevention/restriction for AD users Workstation(s) restriction for AD users Time restriction for AD users Connectivity surveillance and monitoring Call for […]

24 April 2018
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InDefend Business in-Cloud – Data Resolve

Data Leakage Prevention Insider Threat Management Solution Browser Monitoring Employee Behavior Monitoring Employee Productivity Monitoring Application monitoring Application Whitelisting Acts as a gatekeeper and monitor every instance & traffic going out from end-point accessing channels: FTP, Web, Proxies, External Devices, Remote access sessions, Print, Clipboard, Emails, Mobile Devices. Helps organization to profile employee based on […]

23 April 2018
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Ekran Systems – User Activity Monitoring Solution

User Activity Monitoring Sessions Recording Employee Monitoring Server Monitoring 3rd party vendor monitoring Affordable user monitoring solution for enhanced cyber security. Comes with perpetual license Record all terminal, remote, and local user sessions and alert security personnel to any suspicious events. Record sessions based on : Name of launched application, The title of the active […]

22 April 2018
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uSecure – Security Awareness Platform

Email Breach Detection – Identify which employee emails and passwords are exposed GAP Analysis – Security gap analysis service based on ISO 27001 uLearn – Addressing the Gaps in your team uPhish –  simulated phishing tool uLearn Modules :- 7 Steps to Being Secure at Home Cloud Security Mobile Device Security Online Safety – Internet […]

19 April 2018
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Net Crunch – Network Monitoring Solution

Network Monitoring Solution Proactive and reactive network monitoring in a single package. Without installing any agents, NetCrunch can monitor your entire network out of the box. Per node licensing. Monitor Network Infrastructure Devices, Servers, Applications and Virtualization. Help identify any networking issues within no time. With Alerting and Event Management Rich Visualization. Call for more […]

18 April 2018
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Heimdal Security – Protection Against Cryptolocker & Other Ransomware

Heimdal Security Ransomware protection + Antivirus Patching Traffic based Malware Prevention Protection from APT’s & Trojans that other Antivirus solutions fail to detect 2nd generation threat prevention tool Most effective ransomware protection solution available. Developed by the team that came first in DEFCON World Hacking competition for 2 consecutive years. Works with any existing Antivirus […]

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