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What can be the reason behind your success story? Have you ever thought that one thing that can make your business extraordinary? SMS has been used the best way to convey messages for ages and thus can be well used for marketing purposes. At Bluechip, we understand what you want as well as how much mobile marketing campaigns be vital for your business needs. You can convey your business offers and great deals through SMS to many people. The trick is to gather the most probable customers and send them SMS about your business. This kind of mobile marketing method is done by many businesses but the key is how you can make it really effective!

How can we help you?

  • Our marketing team knows in and out about probable customers for your kind of business. Thus, we would build a customer database to whom you can target.
  • We would focus on campaigns that we would conduct to generate leads.
  • Attractive special offers are always effective. We would advise you taglines that may increase your customers.
  • We would try our best to sustain your existing customers.

Strategies can be made in various ways but your previous campaigns are the ones you actually learn from! At Bluechip, we recommend you to go for those mobile marketing campaigns that are way easier for you to track because it would help you to follow the previous analytics.

Tips to make your SMS campaign really effective:

  • Be clear:

No one has time to read a long description in this busy world. Be clear and crisp about your offer. The trick is to keep your SMS short yet simple and let people know about great deals your business is offering to them. People just want to know how they would be benefited. So, tell them how you can benefit them through your business instead of telling them about your business.

  • Know your customers response time very well:

Your customers are very precious. Thus, it’s important for you to know about them. You need to track when your customers respond to your SMS! Generate a sheet that tells you the probable time your customers react to your message. This help you to track response time of customers. Moreover, it will help you to schedule time for sending SMS.

  • Know who your actual audience is:

If you send SMS to people who are neither interested in your business nor in your offerings then you might be spending time and money in sending them SMS! Your business is real, so your customers should also be genuine. You should know the gender, age and past purchases of your prospects. For example, if you own a cosmetic business but your SMS is going to a male then your chosen prospect is invalid and your SMS’s are invaluable. Thus, research should be done about the data you have in your database.

  • Optimising your SMS can be a smart choice:

The best way to optimise your SMS is to link it with a keyword. Let us give you an example: Text DEALS to 56XXX to receive vouchers from the nearest store. The people really interested in your deal would reply this SMS to the given number and your database will have an optimised list of customers.

  • Clean your database in short intervals:

Well this can be really smart choice because it’s very important to know which numbers are still working. Some of the old numbers in your database may not exist now or due to some reason the owner might have changed the number. Keep your database clean by removing all these extra numbers and fill it with genuine list of customers.

  • Keep a check on the frequency:

SMS’s can really be irritating. It might frustrate people if sent very frequently. Thus, regulate your SMS in week or a month so that the frequency of sent messages affect the people not your business!

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