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Bluechip Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

Secure. Monitor. Manage.

Using mobile devices has become a necessity for all organizations. In today’s digital world it is difficult for businesses to be competitive without a sound mobility strategy. While the use of mobile devices results in increased efficiency and productivity, it also poses challenges for data security and asset management.

Bluechip provides a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution for company-owned as well as BYO devices, manages assets, security, apps and content for enterprises through a web-based centralized console. It is simple to set up and provides a unified solution with the ability to secure, monitor and manage devices across all major mobile platforms.

Easy to setup and mass configure

Setting up and enrolling mobile devices is quick and easy. You can simply download the Nix agent on the device and assign it to an account for enrollment. If you have a large number of devices, enable seamless setup and enrollment using QR code or out-of-box one-touch enrollment feature.

Web Console for centralized management

It allows you to monitor, secure and manage all enrolled mobile devices using a web-based console. With this console, you can have a centralized view of all enrolled devices and apply security and EMM profiles to devices and device groups remotely.

EMM and Android Enterprise enabled features

It has inbuilt features to support EMM needs for Android and Windows devices which make it easier for IT admins to perform a host of productivity promoting remote activities. it is integrated with Android Enterprise to secure and manage Android device by separating business and personal data and applications.

Bluechip EMM addresses complex mobile device management and security challenges with comprehensive features. These features ensure a simple, safe and easy way to manage variety of corporate-owned as well as BYO devices.

Device Security

Secure devices using security features like remote locking/wiping of enterprise data, password policies, app filtering, remote app updates, device peripherals lock and more.

Remote Control

Silently install or upgrade applications on devices anywhere in the world. Monitor, track and remotely control enrolled mobile devices.

Location Based Services

Real-time locate, track and monitor mobile devices with options to create geo-tags for convenience.

Device Health Monitoring

Remotely monitor device health and policies using web console. Set up automatic notifications and alerts on device misuse, low battery levels or high data usage.


Fence mobile devices against time/geography/network and specify their behavior when they enter or exit the fence.

AI Capability

Use voice commands for world’s first EMM Virtual Assistant chatbot to help you navigate through it’s functionalities and complex data.

Advanced Analytics Engine

Integrate third-party apps with it Analytics Engine for advanced reports and analysis.

Alerts and Notifications

Create alerts for automated notifications on device health, activities and data usage.

Dashboard and Custom Reports

Customizable dashboard for one-page graphical representation of device details, status and more. On-Demand Reports that can be scheduled.

Telecom Management

Track and control mobile data costs with alerts, limitation features and reports.

One-Touch Enrollment

Enable seamless setup and deployment of large numbers of corporate-owned mobile devices with just a single tap.

Over 7000+ companies in 100+ countries around the world use our products for secure and efficient deployments of mobile applications on wide variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, smartwears and IOT devices.