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A Big Revolution in the Networking Solutions in 2020- IT services Dubai

IT services Dubai

The networking industry is undoubtedly a multi-million-dollar industry, which is transforming rapidly, settling itself with avant-garde technological developments. The latest networking trends are transforming in an efficient way so that the employees stay connected, and the organizations can operate proficiently. IT services in Dubai has always fascinated us with its technological approach that has been an efficacy facilitator and enriched networking solutions remarkably in recent years.


The internet speed revolution is here, with the 5G high-speed networking technology it seems like a blessing in disguise to all IT sector, especially for those workforces that are looking for exceptionally high internet speed. Scheduled for the launch in 2020, 5G will undoubtedly help to improve the productivity of network security as well as transform the maneuvers of IT companies throughout the world.

The 5G network is termed to serve as the most efficient networking solution as compared to the Wide Area Network (WAN), in terms of speed, performance, and potential.  However, comprehensive rollouts are anticipated in the coming years, so it expecting commercial operations to transform is one thing all personnel can count on in the coming months.

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Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence had a significant impact on the IT service provider in Dubai, and now its application machine learning is setting the foot to improve the upcoming network management maneuvers. Today, IT management entails valuable perceptions knowing at what level things work inside a network. To keep the network constantly running, you need to identify specific patterns and follow them practically.

With the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the network managers are able to create new-generation technological solutions that can aid in achieving top-level security and elevate network performance. This next-gen solution will prepare the enterprises and IT companies to recognize network inconsistencies and prioritize to use the resources in order to minimize interruptions. In addition, machine learning can aid in adding dispositions to network security solutions and network management in the coming years.

WiFi 6

Wireless technology, making our lives easy since the 2000s. This technology has given us a sense of ease, and its latest development is something that every IT person is putting their bets on. WiFi 6 is being expected to revolutionize the face of networking solutions, also known as the highest speed 802.11ax WiFi protocol.

The idea to build the next-gen WiFI terminology was based on the increase in the number of devices throughout the world, and with this increase, and it was hard to comprehend the utmost speed and performance. 802.11ax increases the density of the device, which can individually coincide in a distinct space deprived of controlling the speed on a single device. Moreover, it will upkeep inevitable packet scheduling that escalates the networking performance.


All in All

The technology has already given us a great perspective, and with network trends transforming the industry, they are now all set to revolutionize with the state-of-the-art trends and technologies shortly. The IT service providers in Dubai are all set to welcome the revolution and deliver the best to their clients by improving their network security across the UAE and the Middle East.

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