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7 Questions to Ask Your IT Service Providers in Dubai

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Cybersecurity impacts all businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Threats are becoming more serious and changing, and legal and regulatory requirements are becoming more stringent. IT Security is much too important for organizations to ignore.

If you already have a relationship with an IT Service Providers in Dubai, this is only the beginning. To safeguard your company’s interests and guarantee responsibility, get in touch with your cybersecurity supplier on a regular basis.

IT security is handled in the same manner as any other outsourced service. Even if you hire an accountant, you should still keep track of your finances. So, even if you have an IT security provider, you must still be concerned about your security.

“I wouldn’t know where to start,” you may be thinking. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of 9 questions to ask your IT service providers in Dubai

it service providers in Dubai








What are the most significant threats to my company?

According to Gartner, an autonomous group of cyber activists or cybercriminals would have directly hacked 30% of Global 2000 firms by 2020.

By identifying security holes and the impact they might have on your business, your company can prioritize the genuine dangers. You may then make sure that the money for managing these risks is allocated appropriately.

You should inquire about the knowledge of your IT service providers in Dubai of the impact of the applicable legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations on cybersecurity.

Are you putting our systems through their paces before an issue arises?

Many tests may be used to determine the vulnerability of systems, networks, and applications. Regular penetration tests should be an integral part of any security strategy.

Pen tests mimic assaults on a computer system in order to identify security flaws that might be exploited. They aid in determining whether essential procedures like patching and configuration management have been successfully implemented.

Many businesses ignore frequent penetration testing, erroneously believing they are safe. However, new vulnerabilities and threats emerge on a daily basis, necessitating businesses to test their defenses against new threats on a regular basis.


Do you examine IT security risks on a regular basis?

A risk assessment should give comfort to your company that all relevant risks have been considered. There is also a well-defined and well-understood method of conveying and acting on the risk assessment’s findings.


Your company’s security efforts and resources may be misaligned if the risk associated with vulnerabilities is not determined. This strategy not only wastes time and money, but also gives criminal hackers more time to attack key flaws.

Threat intelligence is used by advanced security operations teams to better understand prospective threat actors’ capabilities, present actions, and plans, as well as to predict existing and future risks.


How will we be able to prove our cybersecurity compliance?

An audit can assist your company in determining the efficiency of its cybersecurity. A certification body can undertake an independent evaluation of an organization’s information security controls if it has decided to comply with an information security standard such as ISO 27001.

This may therefore be utilized as a competitive advantage when bidding for new business, as it is for ISO 27001-certified firms.

Certifications can also show that a company has taken reasonable precautions to secure its information assets.

Do you provide a good IT security awareness program?

Employee mistakes or ignorance are responsible for a high percentage of security breaches. Employees are responsible for 27% of all cybersecurity issues, according to the GSIS report.

Criminals can get into a network via underhanded techniques by manipulating weak or uneducated personnel, which is known as social engineering.

The value of a well-designed employee awareness campaign cannot be overstated. Traditional cybersecurity awareness methods, according to research, maybe substantially boosted by a multi-faceted security program that promotes a comprehensive cultural shift and addresses chronic erroneous employee behavior.

What is your plan of action in the case of a data breach?

Experts believe that it is no longer a question of “if,” but rather “when” you will be hacked.

The implementation of a cyber resilience strategy, which takes into account incident response planning, business continuity, and disaster recovery strategies to bounce back from a cyber-attack with minimal disruption to the business, is the critical difference between businesses that will survive a data breach and those that won’t.

The board should also be familiar with the rules that govern its obligations to report a data breach. The GDPR and the NIS Directive are two instances of laws that will impose business breach notification requirements.

Do we follow the most up-to-date IT security guidelines?

ISO 27001, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), and the Cyber Essentials initiative are all examples of prominent worldwide information security management standards (which provide basic cybersecurity protection against 80 percent of cyber-attacks).

Certification to major international standards like ISO 27001 demonstrates that a firm follows established cybersecurity best practices and takes a holistic approach to safeguard not only online data but also people and processes.

A company may also choose independent certification to ensure that the controls it has put in place are operating properly.


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