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5 Reasons Your IT Company Drives You Crazy

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How frequently have you become irritated with your IT Company? How many meetings or conversations with them have you dreaded? How many times has a problem taken you far longer to resolve than you believe it should? Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my IT Company doing to help prevent problems?”

When we speak with new and potential customers, we frequently hear the same five reasons why their previous IT provider drives them insane.

 IT Company

 Meetings with your IT provider are tedious. They are constantly speaking in a language that is boring and difficult to understand. They cover topics that are irrelevant to you and do not require your attention as a business leader.

 When you call, you don’t get a live person, and it takes days to resolve an issue. We’ve all been there: you call a company, get an automated response, and spend valuable time attempting to communicate an issue without ever speaking to a live person. Whether it’s your IT provider or your utility company, not being able to reach a live person is inconvenient and complicated. And when the problem you’re calling about is time-sensitive or interferes with your ability to work, it’s even more aggravating.

 Your IT provider never has a process in place to assist you in having fewer problems; instead, they simply tell you how many things they fixed. It’s great to have issues resolved, but does your IT provider communicate a plan of action to help prevent recurrences of the issues, steps they’re taking to protect you to the best of their ability, and ways they’re constantly evolving with your business?

 You just aren’t convinced they’re doing everything possible to keep you safe. Your company’s security is critical to its success. The belief that your IT provider is providing the level of security you require should be cause for serious concern. And if they can’t articulate what they’re doing to protect you or what you should be doing to help protect your company, you should be concerned.

 Your IT provider has no process in place to help you improve your business by leveraging your results. Technology should not just be something you have to have; it should also help your business succeed.  In addition, your IT department should have a process in place that leverages your technology to help you improve and grow your business.

 Having an IT Company that is well-versed in technology mumbo-jumbo, spends your time talking about things you don’t care about, doesn’t answer the phone with a live person, takes days to resolve simple issues, doesn’t implement a process to help you have fewer issues, doesn’t feel like they are doing everything they can to protect you, or doesn’t have a plan to help leverage technology to improve your life.

But this does not have to be the case. If your current IT provider is driving you insane, it’s time to find the best IT Company in Dubai for your company.

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