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3D Smart Illusion – Next Generation Interactive

Next Generation Interactive & Smart products, which brings value to organisations & transforms the way businesses sell, advertise & interact with their customers in this digital age, our products being innovative & creative enable businesses leverage the potential of smart & digital technology.Smart Illusion

“In order to enable a city transform itself into a digital & a smart city we need to make it affordable and relatively easy for the people and businesses to adopt the technology”.



Smart Illusion First of its kind in Middle East


Is it a drone , is it a fan or an exhaust, certainly not its ”Smart Illusion” , our newly launched product which transforms the way brands are advertised and marketed by displaying a unique experience through a 3D floating image, bringing value to brands in an innovative & first of its kind .

Product Description

  • Marketers are always on the lookout for the latest way to grab a potential customer’s attention – something that’s not easy in our sensory-overloaded, distraction-laden world.
  • Smart Illusion looks like a propeller or windmill, is designed to mount to walls, be quiet while running. The “screen-less” Smart Illusion are simple to install and operate, cost-effective. The magic happens once the switch is flipped on, 3D visuals appear to float in the air, enthrall as effectively. An ideal advertising solution to businesses, for advertising, exhibition, bar, store, product launch, product promotion etc.
  • Since the technology is LED-based, they can be clearly seen at a distance, even under brightly-lit conditions. Wide viewing angle minimizes impact on the experience – everyone from all (front) sides and various heights can witness the 3D forms without too much of a skewed perspective.

Smart Illusion- Advantage:

  • No Projection & No Display : Unlike conventional techniques , Smart Illusion
  • Brand Recognition: When we come across  a new technology,in this case a floating 3D image, we tend to remember ,the brand or the video it was playing and therefore an efficient and an effective tool in terms of brand recognition & creating a brand value, doesn’t use any of the conventional technologies and therefore creates a 3D Floating image giving visitors a unique experience.
  • Plug and Play- It comes with a free SD card to which videos in MP4 or 3D format can be fed, and played instantly in a plug and play mode , we also process your videos and provide content creation service to and in 3D mode.
  • Easy to install : Comes with a wall mount bracket , enabling easy installation on walls giving visitors a 3D Floating effect and a unique experience.
  • Light-weight : Due to its dynamic nature and compact size, it is relatively light in weight making it easy and suitable in mounting them on virtually any surface.
  • New Product in 2017 : Newly launched , first of its kind in middle east last week at the Seamless Retail 2017 Event at Dubai, World Trade Center, therefore new technologies and totally a unique experience enables visitors remember the brand they see on these technologies and therefore one of the most effective brand recognition tool.

Smart Illusion- Specifications:

  • Model Number: TS-SI 001
  • Product Name: Smart Illusion
  • Color: Black
  • Input: SD Card
  • Display Size:42x42cm
  • Voltage:100-240V AC 50-60hz
  • Power : 10-15 W
  • View Angle:176°
  • Lifecycle:20000 hours
  • Video Format:Mp4, AVI, RMVB
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Weight:1 to 2kg
  • Resolution:450 x 224
  • Projection Distance:12cm

Smart Illusion- Pricing:

We have 2 modes of pricing for the convenience of our customers, 1.Sell , 2. Rent :

Sample Price : 2,950 AED

0-10 Piece : 3,200 AED

11-100 : 2,800 AED

Software & Support as per project.

Package Includes :

1. Product

2. SD Card :4 GB

3. Wall Mount Bracket (*if opted for wall mounted package)

4. Power Adapter

Warranty : 1 year

Any Question, You Can Call Us +971 55 786 0987

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