Grandstream is admiring for its items they provide with quality if you want to take advantages of its item then you should ensure that you are purchasing from the authorized company. The main Grandstream Authorized Distributor is in UAE who provides you the most current items and strong administration. Grandstream Telephone System helps in the commence framework with adaptability, readiness, and highlights of VOIP Telephony.

The items of Grandstream give you the ability to work together with gadgets which you pick in anyplace and anytime you want. Grandstream Business Phones includes phones for all types of necessity and have gadgets which can be used in working place, in the conference room, on grounds, and in office for having a video call with the client.

Dubai is an active and dynamic city and to make business effective here means you should have associated with merchants, clients, and other product management company and for this, you should have excellent IP phone framework and how to choose right office of phone framework.

So we have brought a list of the best phone framework for you such as Grandstream IP PBX that provide you lots of features and options which is great for your business communication. The UCM6100 designed for small companies and business and on the other hand, UCM6510 is designed for large companies as it supports up to 2000 users.

We are a distributor of Grandstream PBX System Dubai. We always bring innovative products in the field of IP communication with upgrade features and values. In past years not all companies can afford the expensive PBX system but now technology has grown very much that smaller company also takes the advantages of cultured business communication without expanding too much on it.


There are many Grandstream companies in Dubai but Bluechip Computer is the leading Grandstream distributor and the main wholesaler in Dubai. It provides actuate and extraordinary IP communication answers to the enterprises all over UAE.

Bluechip Computer offers all variety of answers for a vast range of organization and ventures in and around all over the UAE. The arrangement of administration has included IP remote telephone framework, PBX framework, conferencing arrangement and CCTV system for increasing the span of your business.

In today world a large part of the organization is sectioned over the IP that arranges and ties together with voice data and another part of correspondence framework. With the help of the IP phone framework and Grandstream PBX framework, we help you in getting the answers from the establishment till the running.

Bluechip Computer is an authorized Grandstream Telephone System UAE which also handles all your communication requirements at a different situation.

Here are some features of Bluechip Computer that are needed by the company or business.

• It helps in setting and configuring Auto Attendant and welcomes messages.
• It upgrades and expands the existing PABX equipment and tools.
• It also helps in supervising the fresh installation of PABX lines and equipment.
• In case office changes their location then it gives the fresh installation of PABX and setting it properly.
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR) in this case our company gives immediate access to your company.

We have bought all these features for upgrading your business and growing your reputation in front of the customer.

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