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Cisco 800 Series Routers – Cisco Dubai UAE

Small but mighty business-class routersCisco 800 Series Routers

Do you have limited space, but need best-in-class routing, voice and video, security, application performance, cloud connection, and wireless capabilities? Cisco 800 Series routers offer all that in a single device. They are well suited for customer premises and priced for small and midsize businesses.

800 Series models

Cisco 890 Series

890 Series

  • Ready for Cisco Intelligent WAN
  • Switch and router in one device
  • Run multiple applications simultaneously
  • High-performance, high-application experience
  • Support for 802.11a/b/g/n and 4G LTE

Cisco 880 Series

880 Series

  • Connectivity for up to 20 users
  • WAN redundancy with 3G and 4G options
  • Excellent for PBX and IP telephony voice support
  • Enhanced security and wireless options

Cisco 860 Series

860 Series

  • Connectivity for up to 10 users
  • Desktop form factor and fanless design
  • WAN connectivity with VADSL or Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi for integrated WAN or Wi-Fi at home

Cisco 810 Series

810 Series

  • Hardened and nonhardened form factors
  • Lightweight, compact, low power consumption
  • Dual-SIM option for always-on connectivity
  • For machine-to-machine use cases

Cisco 800M Series

800M Series

  • Integrated security and application services
  • Choice of wireless WAN services and providers
  • High-availability multihoming and dual WAN ports
  • Application hosting capability


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